Where does your chicken come from?

All of the chicken in our store comes from FarmCrest Foods in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. The chicken is grown on their farm and is 100% natural with no antibiotics or animal by products. For more information you can visit their website at

What is your chicken fed?

The majority of FarmCrest Foods chicken feed is grown on their farm. The main ingredient of all chicken feed is grains and grain by-products, and meal made from seeds such as canola or soybean. In this sense all chickens are “Grain Fed”. Vitamins, minerals and other protein sources are added to improve the nutritional content of the feed as well as to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Also, there is important to note that there are no hormones in the feed.


Are your chickens free-range? What does free range mean?

Yes, they are. Free range means that they have ability to go outside. Sensitive to their environment, these chickens are not kept in cages, but roam freely on floors covered with soft, dry bedding. The barn doors are always open which means they have the option to either go outside or stay inside.

How are the chickens processed?

At FarmCrest the chickens are all processed by hand. They are then hung upside down, with their throats cut so that the blood can drain out. Everything is completed by hand so that it can be done as humanly as possible. The chickens lead comfortable lives until the last second. 


Can I get larger quantities at a cheaper price?

Yes! Everything in our store is available in wholesale options. For more information & prices, come in and see us, email or call 604.392.2667 (Chilliwack).

When can I expect to get fresh chicken?

Technically all the time! But we receive chicken deliveries every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. So the store is always filled with the freshest chicken possible. Every Saturday our excess chicken gets vacuum sealed & put in the freezer. At the start of each week we begin with fresh!


Do you have anything else in your store besides chicken?

Yes! So much more and it is all BC local! We have Valley View Honey (Kamloops), Simply Delish Soup (Langley), Hardbite Chips (Surrey), Umi's Kitchen Sauces (Vancouver) and so much more.